Ranch FAQ

Who owns BRC Ranch?
BRC Ranch (B.R. Cutrer, Inc.) is owned jointly by the husband and wife team of Brandon Cutrer and Rachel Cutrer.
What does BRC stand for?
BRC stands for Brandon and Rachel Cutrer. When we started the ranch, many of our international friends encouraged us to choose this name because they said there is no stronger team in the Brahman breed than Brandon and Rachel, and our name should reflect that.
How big is BRC Ranch?
BRC Ranch currently operates in three ranching locations in Wharton County, Texas at a little over a section of land. Our main headquarters is located in Boling, Texas.
Can we take pictures?
Public and private tourists are welcome to take unlimited personal photos using their camera phones. Professional photographers or those wishing to shoot with anything other than a camera phone must register as a photography tour.
Do you have food available at BRC Ranch?
We do not provide food as part of the basic tour. However, we can arrange for any type of food or beverage your group may need as an upgrade. Please let your tour organizer know 2 business days in advance if you wish to request food or drinks
Can we bring our own food?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own cooler with food and drinks.
Do you allow overnight campers?
Not usually, but we do consider it from time to time depending on the group. Please email rachel@brcutrer.com for camping rates. 
Are the cattle gentle?
Our cattle are very gentle and easy going. However they are not pets. We ask that visitors do not attempt to pet or touch our pasture cattle. The cattle at the BRC Show Barn are very friendly and love attention. You are welcome to pet those as much as you like.
Can we ride bikes?
Bikes are not allowed.
Can we walk on the gravel roads or cow trails at BRC Ranch for exercise?
This is a seasonal situation depending on if cows are calving or if herd bulls are out. Please consult with your tour guide.


Reservations are required for all field trips. Call 979-532-9141 or email rachel@brcutrer.com to schedule.
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