School Field Trips at BRC Ranch

Put down the Screen and Get Outside!

Young minds crave hands on interactions and outdoor experiences. But, they also enjoy wide open spaces, fresh air, and time to explore. That's what you'll find - and more - when you book a school field trip to BRC Ranch. Our trips are very hands on and based on letting students learn more about agriculture and ranching. Our most popular age group is preschool, pre-k, and elementary school students.

Available All Year Long!

We can accommodate school field trips and home school field trips any time of the year, but spring and fall are our most popular times due to the favorable weather conditions. Summer is also a great time for pre-school day trips.

Our field trips can be customized to accommodate any specific needs or classes. Here is what you can expect:

  • Admission to BRC Ranch
  • Guided tour of the BRC Show Barn where students will see Brahman cattle, feeding, petting, brushing, and more. 

  • Students learn about ranch dogs and how they protect and work the cattle.

  • Unlimited personal photo opportunities

  • Access to 2 acre fenced in space for kickball, picnics, or other relaxation / dining areas. 

  • Petting of the cattle

  • Optional hayride upgrade

  • Optional lunch picnic available on the ranch (students can bring in outside food and beverages). No food is provided.

  • Upgrades available for souvenir gifts including our custom  Brahman animals, caps, t-shirts or more. These can be pre-purchased and given away on the field trips

Admission for school groups are $10 per student/parents/chaperones. Teachers, teachers aides and bus drivers are free. A minimum of 15 students is required. Homeschool groups get one free teacher admission for every 15 paid participants.


Reservations are required for all field trips. Call 979-532-9141 or email to schedule.
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Bring Your Field Trips to Life With Our Children's Books!

Rachel Cutrer, owner of BRC Ranch, is a nationally famous agricultural children's book author. She has over 25 children's books about ranch life. We can do a premium upgrade where every student on the field trip also gets one of her popular books for an additional $6 per student.

How to make Reservations

Reservations are required for all field trips. Call 979-532-9141 or email to schedule.


What is your cancellation policy?
Field trips may be cancelled 30 days or more prior to your field trip date with no penalty. A $50 cancellation fee applies.
What is your weather / rain out policy?
If inclement weather or rain-outs occur we are more than happy to re-schedule a date of your convenience.
Do we pay on site?
We prefer and greatly encourage groups to pre-pay online before their tour. Cash is also an option, paid on site prior to the tour. If needed, credit cards can be taken on site for a one time $25 concierge/attendant service fee.
Where do we park?
We have a rock/gravel parking pad that can accommodate up to four buses conveniently. Parking is also available on the grass pasture inside the ranch.
Can we bring food?
Yes. You are welcome to bring in food, drinks, coolers.
How many groups will be there at one time?
We only book one group per day to allow each school to have the most personalized experience.
Will you have a tour guide?
Yes. Our school field trips include one private tour guide who will give a brief talk. This talk can be adapted to the age group of each class. For example, a pre-school group may want a very basic tour, but a high school science class may want a more in-depth presentation. We can accommodate all age levels. The tour guide will be available for up to 30 minutes to provide tours and answer questions.

Can we eat lunch at the ranch?

Yes, although you are required to bring your own blankets for picnics, or lawn chairs. You are also welcome to sit on the grass. We can setup hay bales for a service fee of $5 per person.
Do you have souvenirs?
Yes! We have a lot of ranch souvenirs available through our Online Store and we have a brick and mortar store in Wharton, Texas called The Ranch Downtown.
Can we schedule a lunch at your store?
Yes! Our brick and mortar store The Ranch Downtown is located in Wharton, Texas, slightly off the square. This has a private event space that can house 35 people. Field trips can also reserve this room for lunch.
Is the ranch will chair accessible?
Most of the ranch is wheelchair accessible. The gravel parking lot is wheelchair accessible and the outdoor grassy areas are fine for most wheelchairs. The inside of the barn is a loose dirt bedding which may be more difficult. If you have aides to assist with lifting, students may be transferred from their chair onto a ranch ATV for a guided tour when possible.


Reservations are required for all field trips. Call 979-532-9141 or email to schedule.
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